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Why Scientists and Researchers Recommend JoVE:

Complete Your Research Faster and More Successfully with JoVE Videos

Every researcher has hit roadblocks in their lab throughout their career. Whether you want to increase the productivity of your lab work, learn new experimental methods, or keep your research within your budget, you and your research can benefit significantly from the visual learning solutions offered by JoVE.

That said, JoVE is available under an institutional subscription typically purchased by institutional libraries. In their purchase decisions, the librarians rely on the feedback from their users to indicate the value of specific resources. Therefore, if you recommend JoVE to your institution’s librarian, it’s much more likely that you’ll gain all the benefits these resources have to offer.

With a JoVE Journal subscription, your lab will see tremendous increases in the productivity and efficiency of your research, while also freeing your laboratory’s budget from all the hours of work and extra expenses spent on trial and error. Additionally, with quicker and more productive research, you’ll have the opportunity to perform more experiments and get more results than ever before!

Why Professors and Instructors Recommend JoVE:

Improve the Speed and Efficacy of Knowledge Transfer in Your Classroom

Teaching laboratory fundamentals and techniques purely from a textbook or manual is always a challenge. With our Science Education Video Database, undergraduate students in scientific classes have a brand new way to learn and understand crucial science concepts, procedures and practices, seamlessly allowing them to transition from academic settings to real-world practical settings. The JoVE Science Education collections also provide the expertise and experience of specialists from prestigious institutions around the world, an elegantly simple tool to assess your students’ learning, and unlimited access to the resources included in your collection to ensure that your students can take all the time they need to really understand new content without taking up class time!

By recommending a JoVE subscription to your institution’s librarian you’ll save hours of class time, develop more consistent student learning, ensure stronger engagement and comprehension, and lay the groundwork for more student success both in class and beyond.

Why College and University Students Recommend JoVE:

Learn Complex Science Techniques Quicker and Easier with JoVE Videos

The scientific theories and techniques you are now learning form the basis of an entire world of study, research, and discovery. That doesn’t mean, however, that learning them needs to involve weeks of stress only to partially understand the precise technical actions that are required for your success.

By recommending your school’s librarian subscribe to the JoVE Science Education Video Database, you’ll be provided with a uniquely engaging, easy-to-follow learning tool that you can access as many times as you want, anytime you want, 24/7. These videos are designed to help you succeed, both in your classes and in your scientific work in the years ahead. As you advance through your scientific education and the career that follows, having this strong understanding of the essential fundamentals of research is sure to give you an edge on all the obstacles and competition that you’ll experience along the way.

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