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Benefits of Video Articles in the Research Lab

Improving STEM Education with Science Education Videos

Learn at lightning speed

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Dr. Leonard Khiroug, Adjunct Professor & Unit Head, Neuroscience Center, University of Helsinki

It took us 2 weeks instead of 1 year to learn a new surgery technique published in JoVE.

Increased success rate from 40% to 90%

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Dr. Carrie Northcott, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy and Toxicology, Michigan State Univeristy

Initially it took multiple tries for students to learn catheter implantation , whereas now when we teach this technique with the JoVE video we have a success rate between 90 to 100 percent.

Advancing our research by 6 months

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Dr. Michele Calos, Professor, Department of Genetics, Stanford University

By watching a technique on a JoVE video, we realized that we could potentially do the technique, which was critical for advancing our research. We previously had no clear idea about how it was done and thought we would have to wait for bringing an expert to our institution from Europe to teach us. By watching the video, we were able to familiarize ourselves with the method and find an appropriate collaborator at Stanford who could help us with the method. By showing him the JoVE video, he realized that he would be able to carry it out. We are now successfully doing the procedure quite routinely. This has advanced our research by at least six months. I used our preliminary results in a recent grant application, which may lead to significant funding for the research next year. Thank you, JoVE!

Validating our novel results

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Dr. Jonathan T. Butcher, Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Cornell University

I published novel results of a challenging isolation protocol in a high impact journal, but other labs had a hard time replicating our results so we decided to publish our methods in JoVE. The video format conveys complicated methods significantly better than text alone and helped to validate our novel results.

JoVE saved us from hiring a new person

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Dr. Mary Wallingford, Senior Fellow, University of Washington

Visualizing the experimental techniques greatly decreases the time it takes to perform a new technique with high efficacy. By using JoVE I was able to improve dissection techniques saving the lab time and money. I was also able to learn new techniques that saved the lab from having to hire new personnel to collect the samples (this would have been a ~$40,000 salaried position).

Eliminating 6 months of trial and error

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Jeanette Moore, Researcher, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Instead of trying to learn a technique from the literature for 6 months, new researchers can master the method in a few days. As such, everything is streamlined with JoVE.

Video bridges the language gap

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Dr. Nikolaos Giagtzoglou, Postdoc, Baylor College of Medicine

Watching a JoVE video article is so much more helpful than reading materials or methods sections, which can have grammatical mistakes, bad syntax, or may just generally be difficult to interpret.

Seeing is believing

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Dr. Delphine Dean, Associate Professor of Bioengineering, Clemson University

With our technique, when you try to explain it to students, you run into problems. It's written out clearly in the protocol, but it doesn't translate well until you see it.

Learning from others' mistakes

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Dr. Theresa Casey, Research Assistant Professor of Animal Sciences, Purdue University

I've been doing research for 20 years and having JoVE makes things so much easier. You can educate yourself on research other scientists are doing around you and get familiarized with a technique before you try it.

Scientific stardom

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Dr. Cecilia Laesser, Researcher, University of Gothenburg

I had people coming up to me during the conference saying, "I've seen you in the JoVE movie and it was very helpful, thank you!"

Eliminate the fear factor

Dr. Monica Burdick, Associate Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Ohio University

Seeing techniques saves a lot of explaining, especially when the techniques are difficult to describe in words. JoVE articles are like having professionals show best practices in completing given techniques, which reduces the "fear factor" for users without a lot of lab experience when adopting a new method.

An ideal platform

Dr. Thomas Oellerich, Center for Internal Medicine, Goethe University

Written protocols are often not detailed enough to show how techniques really work. JoVE is an ideal platform to share and learn novel techniques

Students were prepared for lab in half the time

Dr. Keith Miller, Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Mount Union

Using JoVE, students can visualize how a technique functions and how to set it up before coming to lab and can rewatch the video multiple times compared to my single lecture. Instead of spending 30 minutes to an hour rehashing how the technique works and how to set it up, students were prepared in half the time to start the lab. When biochemistry labs are only 3 hours long, it is wonderful to be able to save any bit of time. JoVE videos have made the lab experience for the students much more meaningful.

Execute techniques more successfully

Dr. Avijit Ray, Research Scientist, Blood Research Institute, BloodCenter of Wisconsin

I would like to thank the JoVE team for providing this very useful video format for research methods that enables numerous researchers worldwide to learn new techniques very easily without spending a lot of time and money. Video promotes easier and quicker learning of new methods, and provides detailed information about every step which helps in successful execution of the technique.

Videos are clear and rich in detail

Dr. Myrna Miller, Assistant Professor of Veterinary Sciences, Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory

The [Science Education] laboratory technique videos are excellent visual teaching tools. Not only are the techniques demonstrated, but the theory and background of the assay are well described. It is difficult to cover these topics in a lecture, and even in classes that have laboratory sections, it is impossible to cover the techniques and topics with the clarity and in as much detail as is provided by the video database.

Real science (even the unglamorous parts)

Dr. Aaron Haselton, Associate Professor of Biology, SUNY- New Paltz

The ability to see how materials are manipulated provides far more information than a traditional journal article and eliminates much wasted time/inefficiency. I have also found that seeing the reality of how other researchers set up and conduct their experiments has improved my student's confidence in the lab (yes, other laboratories sometimes rely on hot glue and duct tape).

Elucidating the basics

Jesse Matherly, Undergraduate Student, University of Kentucky

JoVE's video format allows readers or viewers to see minor details of an experiment or method that (by nature) cannot be included in a text paper. I have found myself asking questions like "What is a membrane?" when reading about a Western Blot, or "Does this DNA stain come in a powder, or is it in a vial?" Questions like this may seem basic or trivial, but for those unfamiliar with the field, small details like this can make text papers difficult to follow and understand.

Performing surgery twice as quickly

Jeroen Aerts, Ph.D. Candidate, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Students successfully performed cranial window surgery in approximately one hour when seeing it on JoVE when normally students would take 2 hours to complete.

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