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CryoStor Cryopreservation Protocol - ADVERTISEMENT

Aby Mathew1
1BioLife Solutions, Inc.


Cryopreservation efficacy - which includes post-thaw recovery, viability, and functionality is of importance to both research and clinical applications. The cumulative stresses that result from the cryopreservation process and suboptimal freeze media result in cell death from necrosis and apoptosis.1-5 Cells and tissues can be prepared and preserved in ultra low temperature environments (-80°C to -196°C) using CryoStor cryopreservation solutions. Since these solutions are formulated to address the molecular biological aspects of cells during the cryopreservation process, they reduce the level of cryopreservation-induced delayed-onset cell death, thereby improving post-thaw cell viability and function. In addition, they need to include serum, proteins, or high levels of cytotoxic agents is eliminated with this protocol. In this video article, we will demonstrate the procedures for freezing, storage, and thawing of cells, as well as a viability assessment of the cells post-thaw.

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