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Агроинфильтрации и ХВК Agroinfection в картофеля и doi: 10.3791/50971 Published: January 3, 2014


Name Company Catalog Number Comments
Beef extract Sigma-Aldrich B4888
Bacteriological peptone Oxoid LP0037
Yeast extract Oxoid LP0021
MgSO4 Sigma-Aldrich 208094
MS salts (without vitamins) Duchefa Biochemie M0221
MES Duchefa Biochemie M1503
LB broth powder Sigma-Aldrich L3022
Acetosyringone Sigma-Aldrich D134406
Syringe (1 ml) BD Plastipak 300013
Incubator Infors HT Multitron II
Centrifuge Heraeus Multifuge 3S-R
Spectrophotometer Eppendorf Biophotometer 6131



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Агроинфильтрации и ХВК Agroinfection в картофеля и<em&gt; Nicotiana benthamiana</em
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Du, J., Rietman, H., Vleeshouwers, V. G. A. A. Agroinfiltration and PVX Agroinfection in Potato and Nicotiana benthamiana. J. Vis. Exp. (83), e50971, doi:10.3791/50971 (2014).More

Du, J., Rietman, H., Vleeshouwers, V. G. A. A. Agroinfiltration and PVX Agroinfection in Potato and Nicotiana benthamiana. J. Vis. Exp. (83), e50971, doi:10.3791/50971 (2014).

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