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In Situ Ca 2+ billeddannelse af enteriske nervesystem

Published: January 29, 2015 doi: 10.3791/52506


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BubbleStop Syringe Heater  AutoMate Scientific 10-4-35-G
CaCl2 Sigma C3306
Collagenase, Type II, powder Gibco 17101-015
Dispase Sigma-Aldrich 42613-33-2
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DMSO Sigma-Aldrich D5879
Fixed-stage microscope Olympus  BX51WI
Fluo-4 AM dye Invitrogen F-14201
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Neo sCMOS camera Andor Neo 5.5 sCMOS
Nicardipine Sigma N7510
Perfusion chamber Custom
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Temperature Controller Warner Instruments TC-344C



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<em>In Situ</em> Ca <sup>2+</sup> billeddannelse af enteriske nervesystem
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Fried, D. E., Gulbransen, B. D. In Situ Ca2+ Imaging of the Enteric Nervous System. J. Vis. Exp. (95), e52506, doi:10.3791/52506 (2015).More

Fried, D. E., Gulbransen, B. D. In Situ Ca2+ Imaging of the Enteric Nervous System. J. Vis. Exp. (95), e52506, doi:10.3791/52506 (2015).

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