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JoVE 10th Issue

Published: December 4, 2007 doi: 10.3791/560


Our 10th issue is a major milestone for JoVE. While we continue to publish video-protocols of biological experiments, we are introducing new features on our site including an RSS feed and easy bookmarks. We have adopted a rolling publishing model.

Publication Model: First and foremost, we are moving to a rolling publication model. This means that articles will no longer be compiled into an issue and published at the end of the month, but will be published immediately upon acceptance. We will, however, continue to post monthly issues which will cover activity up to that point.

RSS: You asked for RSS and we heard you. An RSS feed is now available at https://www.jove.com/rss, so you can now get JoVE updates delivered to Microsoft Outlook, Google Reader, or any one of a number of applications that aggregates RSS feeds. In case you are not familiar with RSS, RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and provides the user with new content immediately upon its release. For example, a JoVE RSS feed will alert you to all news and video articles published on JoVE without having to visit our website. To use, simply copy the provided RSS link and add it to the list of subscriptions in your reader or aggregator of choice.  Still unclear? Take a look at this YouTube video.

Latest Videos: recently published videos include a protocol on the preparation of recombinant viruses, a core experimental procedure in genetic and cell biology studies, both in vitro and in vivo, demonstrated by Cristina Gavrilescu at the Van Etten lab (Tufts University).  Among the neuroscience experimental approaches, the Chandy lab at UC Irvine shows an isolation of mononuclear cells from the rat central nervous system. The So group at The University of Hong Kong demonstrates a laser procedure to establish an animal model of ocular hypertension. A mouse model of colorectal cancer is described by the Engleman group at Stanford.


JoVE Short For Journal Of Visualized Experiments Is A Scientific Journal That Focuses On The Publication Of Biological Medical And Physical Research In A Video Format. The JoVE 10th Marks A Significant Milestone For The Journal Showcasing The Latest Advancements And Breakthroughs In Various Fields Of Study. In This Researchers And Scientists From Around The World Present Their Work Through Detailed Videos That Provide A Visual Representation Of Their Experiments And Methodologies. This Unique Approach Allows Readers To Not Only Read About The Research But Also See It In Action Enhancing Understanding And Comprehension. The JoVE 10th Covers A Wide Range Of Topics Including But Not Limited To Genetics Neuroscience Immunology Chemistry And Physics. Each Video Article Provides A Step-by-step Demonstration Of The Experiment Accompanied By Detailed Explanations And Analysis. By Publishing Research In Video Format JoVE Aims To Bridge The Gap Between Theory A

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JoVE 10th Issue. J. Vis. Exp. (10), e560, doi:10.3791/560 (2007).

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