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JoVE Monthly Highlights: July 2017

doi: 10.3791/5844 Published: July 10, 2017
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Here's a look at what's coming up in the July 2017 issue of JoVE: The World's Premier Video Journal


Here's a look at what's coming up in the July 2017 issue of JoVE: The World's Premier Video Journal

Summer fruits are our first video-appetizer this month, specifically, berries. Publishing in JoVE Biology, our Authors present a method for extracting polyphenols from freeze-dried blackberry and raspberry powder. Polyphenols have demonstrated antioxidant, anti-Inflammatory and cardio-protective properties. After extraction utilizing ethanol and sonication, our authors investigate the effects of both crude and purified extracts on cultured Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells. This extraction method can be applied to a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, and that's berry cool!

Eating healthily pairs with working out as we move to our second video highlight this month, from JoVE Chemistry. Here, our Authors describe a short-term resistance-training program focusing the elderly. The group used an isokinetic dynamometer to obtain detailed information on changes in strength and power, muscle biopsies to assess aerobic capacity, and monitored changes in glucose tolerance. They conclude that strength training in seniors may be more efficient and less physically stressful than endurance exercise for combatting common age related issues like diabetes, and reduce the risk of injury.

At the opposite end of the health spectrum our next study, from JoVE Neuroscience, looks at anti-smoking media. Our Authors examined the emotional and cerebral reactions of subjects towards a selection of Public Service Announcements, or PSA's, aired in the USA and Europe between 1998 and 2015. Using a combination of electroencephalography, heart rate monitoring, and galvanic skin response, the researchers measured the physical and emotional effects of the commercials on the participants to gauge their effectiveness. These data may be used to design more effective PSA's in the future, and help reduce the number of current and new smokers.

All eyes are on a cool new technological application for our final highlight this month. In JoVE Medicine, our Authors describe a simple method to record images of the ocular fundus using a smartphone camera and a conventional, hand-held ophthalmoscopy lens. This snappy trick allows clear documentation of macula and optic nerve changes in settings not previously available due to the lack of access to a professional fundus camera. I think we can all see how smart that is!

You've just had a sneak peek of the July 2017 issue of JoVE. Visit the website to see the full-length articles, plus many more, in JoVE: The World's Premier Video Journal.


Improving Strength, Power, Muscle Aerobic Capacity, and Glucose Tolerance through Short-term Progressive Strength Training Among Elderly People

Eva A. Andersson1,2, Per Frank1,3, Marjan Pontén1, Björn Ekblom1, Maria Ekblom1,2, Marcus Moberg1, Kent Sahlin1

1Åstrand Laboratory of Work Physiology, The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, GIH, 2Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet, 3Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Karolinska Institutet

The effect of short-term resistance training on elderly people was investigated through the simultaneous use of several methods. Compared to a control group, many improvements were seen, including on muscle aerobic capacity, glucose tolerance, strength, power, and muscle quality (i.e., protein involved in cell signaling and muscle fiber type composition).

Extraction and Purification of Polyphenols from Freeze-dried Berry Powder for the Treatment of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells In Vitro

Rafaela G. Feresin1, Shirin Pourafshar2,3, Jingwen Huang2, Yitong Zhao2, Bahram H. Arjmandi2,3, Gloria Salazar2,3

1Department of Dietetics and Nutrition, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, 2Department of Nutrition, Food and Exercise Sciences, Florida State University, 3Center for Advancing Exercise and Nutrition Research on Aging (CAENRA), Florida State University

This work details a step-by-step method to prepare polyphenol-rich extracts from freeze-dried berry powder. In addition, it provides a thorough description of how to use these polyphenol-rich extracts in cell culture in the presence of the peptide hormone angiotensin II (Ang II) using Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells (VSMCs).

Smartphone Fundus Photography

Hossein Nazari Khanamiri, Austin Nakatsuka, Jaafar El-Annan

Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, University of Texas Medical Branch

Fundus photography normally requires specialized fundus cameras that are not always available in all clinical settings. Here, a simple method to record ocular fundus images using a smartphone camera and a conventional high-plus handheld indirect ophthalmoscopy lens is described.

Electroencephalographic, Heart Rate, and Galvanic Skin Response Assessment for an Advertising Perception Study: Application to Antismoking Public Service Announcements

Giulia Cartocci1, Myriam Caratù2, Enrica Modica3, Anton Giulio Maglione1, Dario Rossi3, Patrizia Cherubino4, Fabio Babiloni1

1Department of Molecular Medicine, Sapienza University of Rome, 2Department of Communication and Social Research, Sapienza University of Rome, 3Department of Anatomical, Histological, Forensic, and Orthopedic Sciences, Sapienza University of Rome, 4BrainSigns SRL

The following protocol describes a series of operational and computational steps required to properly estimate the emotional and cerebral reaction of a group of subjects towards a selected number of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) against smoking, aired in the USA and Europe during the period between 1998 and 2015.


No conflicts of interest declared.

JoVE Monthly Highlights: July 2017
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