JoVE Monthly Highlights: August 2018

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Preparation of Polyoxometalate-based Photo-responsive Membranes for the Photo-activation of Manganese Oxide Catalysts

Akira Yamaguchi1,5, Toshihiro Takashima2, Kazuhito Hashimoto1,6, Ryuhei Nakamura3,4

Here, we present a protocol to prepare charge transfer chromophores based on a polyoxometalate/polymer composite membrane.

Quantitative Analysis of Alternative Pre-mRNA Splicing in Mouse Brain Sections Using RNA In Situ Hybridization Assay

Xuan Guo1,2, Yiqing Zhao1,3, Hieu Nguyen1, Tonghua Liu2, Zhenghe Wang1,3, Hua Lou1,3,4

An in situ hybridization (ISH) protocol that uses short antisense oligonucleotides to detect alternative pre-mRNA splicing patterns in mouse brain sections is described.

2 in 1: One-step Affinity Purification for the Parallel Analysis of Protein-Protein and Protein-Metabolite Complexes

Marcin Luzarowski*1, Izabela Wojciechowska*1, Aleksandra Skirycz1
* These authors contributed equally

Protein-protein and protein-metabolite interactions are crucial for all cellular functions. Herein, we describe a protocol that allows parallel analysis of these interactions with a protein of choice. Our protocol was optimized for plant cell cultures and combines affinity purification with mass spectrometry-based protein and metabolite detection.

Measuring Magnetically-Tuned Ferroelectric Polarization in Liquid Crystals

Hiroki Ueda1, Takuya Akita2, Yoshiaki Uchida2, Tsuyoshi Kimura3

In this report, we present a protocol to examine direct magnetoelectric effects, i.e., induction of ferroelectric polarization by applying magnetic fields, in liquid crystals. This protocol provides a unique approach, supported by the softness of liquid crystals, to achieve room-temperature magnetoelectrics.