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Systemic Pilocarpine Treatment: Mouse Model of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy



To begin, administer an injection of scopolamine and terbutaline solution to minimize the peripheral side effects of pilocarpine. Next, administer an injection of pilocarpine solution to induce status epilepticus or SE. Pilocarpine will alter the brain's neuronal excitability.

Immediately after that, place the mouse in a warm incubator and monitor for induction of SE. Look for head nodding and rhythmic movements of the front legs or any behavior of stage 3 or higher on the Racine's scale. Then, place the mouse into a room temperature incubator and continue to monitor the animal's behavior.

Next, administer an injection of diazepam solution to end SE. Lastly, administer an injection of dextrose solution to aid with the animal's recovery. Following SE induction, the animal enters a seizure-free latent period until the onset of spontaneous recurrent seizures.

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