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Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT): Measuring Glucose Metabolism in Mice



Before starting the glucose tolerance test, prepare the glucose solution by dissolving 3.75 grams glucose and 15 milliliters distilled water. Set up a timetable with proper intervals between each blood examination to record the readings during the experiment. Next, weigh each mouse after fasting to calculate the appropriate amount of glucose for the injection.

Then, at the workbench, prepare a timer, glucose chip, glucometer, insulin syringe, and razor blades. To measure the blood glucose level, first, insert a new glucose chip into the glucometer and press the Start button to set the zero. Then, pick up the mouse at the back of the neck and stroke its tail to ensure sufficient blood flow.

Use a new razor blade to cut off a small piece of the tail and then squeeze out a drop of blood into the glucose chip. Using intragastric gavage technique, feed the mouse glucose and immediately start the timer. Measure the glucose at different time points.

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