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Manufacture and Drug Delivery Applications of Silk Nanoparticles

Manufacture and Drug Delivery Applications of Silk Nanoparticles

Article DOI: 10.3791/54669 09:03 min October 8th, 2016
October 8th, 2016



Nanoparticles are emerging as promising drug delivery systems for a broad range of indications. Here, we describe a simple yet powerful method to manufacture silk nanoparticles using reverse engineered Bombyx mori silk. These silk nanoparticles can be readily loaded with a therapeutic payload and subsequently explored for drug delivery applications.



Silk Nanoparticles Drug Delivery Nano-precipitation Aqueous Silk Solution Uniform Silk Nanoparticles Stable Silk Nanoparticles Narrow-side Distribution Sodium Carbonate De-gumming Silk Fibers Washed Silk Air-dried Silk Fibers Lithium Bromide Solution
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