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Photogeneration af N-Heterocycliske Carbenes
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Photogeneration af N-Heterocycliske Carbenes: ansøgning i lysinducerede Ring-åbning Metathesis polymerisering

Article DOI: 10.3791/58539-v
November 29th, 2018


Summary November 29th, 2018

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Vi beskriver en protokol til photogenerate N-Heterocycliske carbenes (NHCs) af UV-bestråling af en 2-isopropylthioxanthone/imidazolium kaliumtetraphenylborat salt system. Metoder til at karakterisere photoreleased NHC og belyse den fotokemiske mekanisme er foreslået. Protokoller for ring-åbning metathesis photopolymerization i løsning og miniemulsion illustrerer potentialet i denne 2-komponent NHC photogenerating system.


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