Introduction to eVol - Learn How to Simplify Your Liquid Handling Workflow - ADVERTISEMENT

Released 7/01/2011
Application Notes

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View this video to learn about the benefits of using your R&D 100 award winning eVol®. eVol® the world's first digital analytical syringe improves the pace of laboratory processes while delivering improved accuracy and reproducibility, with standardized results independent of operator skill.

  • eVol® is ergonomic, comfortable and easy to use.
  • eVol® is easily calibrated and calibration factors saved for each syringe.
  • eVol® is suitable for use with volatile samples.
  • eVol® is programmable to store a laboratory workflow (up to 98 steps).
  • eVol® is suitable for direct injection with a consistent flow rate.
  • eVol®'s stainless steel needle enables direct injection through septa.

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