Messung von Veränderungen in Taktile Empfindlichkeit in der Hinterpfote von Mäusen unter Verwendung eines elektronischen von Frey Apparat


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Martinov, T., Mack, M., Sykes, A., Chatterjea, D. Measuring Changes in Tactile Sensitivity in the Hind Paw of Mice Using an Electronic von Frey Apparatus. J. Vis. Exp. (82), e51212, doi:10.3791/51212 (2013).

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Name Company Catalog Number Comments
ND4 Swiss male mice Harlan 0-32 Mice used here were 8-12 weeks old and were housed and used according to Macaleter College's IACUC guidelines.
3 ml/100 Insulin syringe with 29 G 1/2 in needle BD BD309301 Dispose after each use into the appropriate container.
B. jararaca venom Sigma V5625 CAUTION: Toxic substance. Wear eye and skin protection. Dissolve in sterile 0.9% saline.
Electronic von Frey apparatus; probe = 90 g range IITC 2394 Move gently and ensure it is always horizontal. For zeroing the probe, press "Program" and "Clear". For switching from setup to operation mode, press "Function"(for "MH" readout) or "MAX".
Mesh stand + PMMA chambers IITC 410 Place on a steady bench top or a cart with four wheels in order to access all sides.
Electronic von Frey rigid tips only, 90 g range IITC 2390 n/a



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