Procedimento para safenas humanas Veias * These authors contributed equally


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Longchamp, A., Allagnat, F., Berard, X., Alonso, F., Haefliger, J. A., Deglise, S., Corpataux, J. M. Procedure for Human Saphenous Veins Ex Vivo Perfusion and External Reinforcement. J. Vis. Exp. (92), e52079, doi:10.3791/52079 (2014).

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Name Company Catalog Number Comments
RPMI 1640 - Glutamax Life Technologies 61870-010
Penicilline/Streptomycine/Fungizone Bioconcept 4-02F00-H
Dextran from Leuconostoc spp. 500 g Sigma-Aldrich 31390
Tampon PBS CHUV pH 7.1-7.3 1 L Laboratorium und Grosse Apotheke Dr. G. Bichsel AG 100 0 324 00
Cryosectionning embedding medium - Tissue-Tek OCT Compound Fisher Scientific 14-373-65
Silicon Tubing (Peroxide) L/S 16 (96400-16 ) - 7.5 m Idex Health & Science GMBH MF0037ST
Y-splitter  Idex Health & Science GMBH Y-connector
35 mm Culture dish Sigma-Aldrich CLS430165-100EA
15 ml Falcon tube BD Bioscence 352096
50 ml Falcon tube BD Bioscence 352098
Gearing pump - Reglo-Z Idex Health & Science GMBH SM 895   App-Nr 03736-00194
Pump Head Idex Health & Science GMBH MI0008 
Monitoring Kit TRANSPAC IV icumedical 011-0J736-01
20 ml Syringes B. Braun Medical SA 4612041-02
Etibon 3-0 FS-2 Ethicon- Johnson&Johnson EH7346H
Mesh ProVena 6-8mm B. Braun Medical SA 1105012-14
NaCl: Sodium chloride solution perfusion 0.9% (100 ml) B. Braun Medical SA 534534
Masterflex L/S Standard Drive Cole-Parmer Instrument Co 7521-10
Acquisition card National Instruments PCI-6024 E
Flowmeter module Transonic Systems Inc. TS410 and T402
Stopcock with 3-ways BD Connexta Luerlock 394600
Millex Filter Milian SE2M229I04



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