Préparation du liquide-exfoliée métal de transition dichalcogénure nanofeuillets avec Controlled Taille et Epaisseur: Un État du Protocole d'Art


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Backes, C., Hanlon, D., Szydlowska, B. M., Harvey, A., Smith, R. J., Higgins, T. M., Coleman, J. N. Preparation of Liquid-exfoliated Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Nanosheets with Controlled Size and Thickness: A State of the Art Protocol. J. Vis. Exp. (118), e54806, doi:10.3791/54806 (2016).

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Name Company Catalog Number Comments
Sodium cholate hydrate, from ox and/or sheep bile Sigma Aldrich C1254-100G Surfactant used as stabilizer in the form of an aqueous solution (i.e., after dissolving the powder in millipore water)
MoS2 powder Sigma Aldrich 69860-100G Other distributors available, but exfoliation and outcome of size selection can vary
WS2, powder 2 μm Sigma Aldrich 243639-50G Other distributors available, but exfoliation and outcome of size selection can vary
ImageJ Software Developer: National Insitutes of Health 64-bit Java version 2.45 1.6.0_24 Image processing software used for TEM analysis, free download
Gwyddion Software Developer: Czech Metrology Institute 64-bit Java version 2.45 Image processing software used for AFM analysis, free download
Origin Pro Software OriginLab Version 2016 Software used for data analysis such as differntiation and fitting of the extinction spectra
Centrifuge HettichLab Mikro 220R any other benchtop centrifuge is suitable
Rotor 1 Hettich Rotor 1016 for centrifugation <5,000 x g
Rotor 2 Hettich Rotor 1195-A for centrifugation >5,000 x g



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