Methylation Specific Multiplex Droplet PCR using Polymer Droplet Generator Device for Hematological Diagnostics

Lidija Malic1, Abdelrahman Elmanzalawy1, Jamal Daoud2, Matthias Geissler1, Alex Boutin1, Ljuboje Lukic1, Mojra Janta1, Dillon Da Fonte1, Christina Nassif1, Teodor Veres1
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A multiplexed droplet PCR (mdPCR) workflow and detailed protocol for determining epigenetic-based white blood cell (WBC) differential count is described, along with a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) microfluidic droplet generation device. Epigenetic markers are used for white blood cell (WBC) subtyping which is of important prognostic value in different diseases. This is achieved through the quantification of DNA methylation patterns of specific CG-rich regions in the genome (CpG loci). In this paper, bisulfite-treated DNA from peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) is encapsulated in droplets with mdPCR reagents including primers and hydrolysis fluorescent probes specific for CpG loci that correlate with WBC sub-populations. The multiplex approach allows for the interrogation of many CpG loci without the need for separate mdPCR reactions, enabling more accurate parametric determination of WBC sub-populations using epigenetic analysis of methylation sites. This precise quantification can be extended to different applications and highlights the benefits for clinical diagnosis and subsequent prognosis.