JoVE Monthly Highlights: March 2019

Analyzing RNA-based Environmental Organisms by Reverse Transcription-PCR

The present protocol aims to experimentally create venous intimal hyperplasia by subjecting veins to arterial blood pressure for developing strategies to attenuate venous intimal hyperplasia following revascularization surgery using vein grafts.

Driving Under the Influence: How Music Listening Affects Driving Behaviors

Jordan Navarro1,2, François Osiurak1,2, Vivien Gaujoux1, Marie Claude Ouimet3, Emanuelle Reynaud1

Here, we present a protocol to assess driving behaviors while following a vehicle in a simulated driving environment. The presented protocol is used to compare the impact of different auditory backgrounds on driving behaviors.

Light-driven Molecular Motors on Surfaces for Single Molecular Imaging

Jiawen Chen1, Jérôme Vachon1, Ben L. Feringa1

The manuscript describes how to synthesize and graft a molecular motor on surfaces for single molecular imaging.

Using Facial Electromyography to Assess Facial Muscle Reactions to Experienced and Observed Affective Touch in Humans

Anbjørn Ree1, India Morrison2, Håkan Olausson2, Uta Sailer1, Markus Heilig2, Leah M. Mayo2

We describe a protocol to assess facial muscle activity in response to experienced and observed tactile stimulation using facial electromyography.