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[The AIDS epidemics in Mexico up to 2008].
Gac Med Mex
PUBLISHED: 04-29-2010
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The HIV/AIDS epidemics in Mexico has remained stable in terms of its slow growth during the last decade. Since the beginning of this century, efforts have been made to improve the epidemiological registration system. An important number of probability studies involving multiple geographic locations in Mexico and larger numbers of high-risk vulnerable populations have also been carried out, while continuing surveillance of volunteers for HIV testing. The analysis of recently obtained information and its comparison with that of the past century have unveiled the traces left by the new epidemics in its wake. The joint analysis of available information indicates that there are changes in transmission patterns of HIV/ AIDS that have modified the prevalence figures of previous decades. While transmission of blood-borne HIV infections have ceased, the number of HIV-seropositive drug users has increased, particularly in the northern of Mexico. In the population of men having sex with men (MSM) a decline in HIV prevalence has been noticed, excepting in the male sex working (MSW) group in whom a significant increase has been observed. The population with heterosexual practice clearly shows a steady growth of AIDS in women, particularly in young women from rural areas and in native women.
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