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[A new attempt to promote home medical care in Kashiwa city-usefulness of information and communication technology with seamless multidisciplinary cooperation].
Gan To Kagaku Ryoho
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Due to the rapidly increasing super-aging society, medical policy in Japan should be redefined. Therefore, the medical and nursing home care system should now be revised greatly. We need to change the current principle that is based on cure only. The patients should receive hospitable care closely connected with their life in their home-town(region)throughout their lifetime. This is termed as "home medical care system". Here, we promote patient-centered medical home care, which implements the chronic and/or End-Of-Life care models, in Kashiwa city, Chiba prefecture. This system is a promising framework for primary care transformation. There is a need for a multidisciplinary team-based care system using information and communication technology(ICT)with smooth and seamless cooperation. However, increased awareness among the workers engaged in home medical care is first required.
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