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Relationships between plasma and tissue transaminase activities in rats maintained under different feeding conditions.
J Toxicol Sci
PUBLISHED: 10-09-2010
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In order to verify the nutritional aspect of alterations of the plasma and tissue transaminase activities, rats were fed 4 hr per day for 35 days (the spaced-fed (SF) rats) and the time course of the alterations in plasma and tissue transaminase activity was compared with those in the ad libitum fed (ALF) rats. Plasma transaminase activities were stable throughout the experiment period in the ALF rats. In the SF rats there were alterations in the plasma alanine aminotransferase (ALT) activities, the direction of which was different between the early phase and late phase of the experiment period; plasma ALT activities decreased in the early phase and gradually increased in the late phase. Plasma aspartate aminotransferase (AST) activities were stable in the SF rats throughout the experiment period as well as the ALF rats. The decreases in plasma ALT activities in the early phase were considered to be related to decreases in ALT activities in the small intestinal mucosa (SI mucosa). On the other hand, the increases in plasma ALT activities in the late phase were considered to be related to increases in ALT activities in the liver. Multiple regression analyses (MRAs) revealed that plasma ALT activities in the SF rats could be estimated by the ALT activities in the SI mucosa and liver. From these results, the alterations of the plasma ALT activities in the SF rats could be explained by those in the SI mucosa and liver under the conditions in our study.
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