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Controlling the shape of LiCoPO? nanocrystals by supercritical fluid process for enhanced energy storage properties.
Sci Rep
PUBLISHED: 01-09-2014
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Lithium-ion batteries offer promising opportunities for novel energy storage systems and future application in hybrid electric vehicles or electric vehicles. Cathode materials with high energy density are required for practical application. Herein, high-voltage LiCoPO4 cathode materials with different shapes and well-developed facets such as nanorods and nanoplates with exposed {010} facets have been synthesized by a one-pot supercritical fluid (SCF) processing. The effect of different amines and their roles on the morphology-control has been investigated in detail. It was found that amine having long alkyl chain such as hexamethylenediamine played important roles to manipulate the shape of the nanocrystals by selective adsorption on the specific {010} facets. More importantly, the nanorods and nanoplates showed better electrochemical performance than that of nanoparticles which was attributed to their unique crystallographic orientation with short Li ion diffusion path. The present study emphasizes the importance of crystallographic orientation in improving the electrochemical performance of the high voltage LiCoPO4 cathode materials for Li-ion batteries.
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