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Essentials of Developmental Biology

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Meet the JoVE Team

JoVE's mission of increasing productivity in the scientific research is implemented by a team of passionate and hard-working individuals who are excited to be at the front of the revolution in scientific publishing. From the people who produce JoVE's videos to the people who work with institutional librarians to increase adoption, everyone at JoVE is proud to help bring you the future of scientific publishing.

Moshe Moshe Pritsker,  Ph.D.

Moshe Pritsker, Ph.D.

CEO, Co-founder

Dr. Pritsker developed the JoVE idea based on his deep familiarity with current problems in biological research, acquired through more than 10 years of work in this area. He holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Princeton University and an M.Sc. in Chemistry from the Weizmann Institute of Science. Results of his research on stem cells, genomics, bioinformatics and HIV have been published in leading scientific journals (PNAS, JBC, Genome Research and Biochemistry) as well as in patent applications. Prior to co-founding JoVE, Dr. Pritsker held the position of post-doctoral researcher at Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital.

Aaron Aaron Kolski-Andreaco,  Ph.D.

Aaron Kolski-Andreaco, Ph.D.

Chief Product Officer

Aaron Kolski-Andreaco produced his first video protocol in 2005, while visiting the laboratory of Robert H. Chow at the University of Southern California to learn how to isolate and culture adrenal chromaffin cells - a technique instrumental to his doctoral work. Convinced of the power of video for instruction in the sciences, he began contributing content to JoVE for its second issue and officially joined the journal as an editor in April 2007. Aaron holds a PhD from the University of California, Irvine where he studied the role of potassium channel function in the regulation of the stress response and hypertension under the guidance of K. George Chandy. He has published in JBC, PNAS, Current Biology, and Current Medicinal Chemistry.

Ward Ward Parry

Ward Parry

Director of Library Relations

After graduating in 2001, Ward began his commercial career in London representing prestigious clients such as Mercedes Benz, Weightwatchers and Universal Pictures. After five successful years in the advertising and PR world, he moved to the Guardian newspaper to drive ad sales in their newly launched graduate supplement.

In 2008, he relocated to Los Angeles where he was a founding member of Californian start-up One Love For Music before migrating East again in 2010 to join JoVE.

Ward is a produced screenwriter and a passionate surfer. He enjoys finding new wave spots with his family, and apple cider doughnuts every Saturday morning with coffee.

Josephine Josephine Pascuccio

Josephine Pascuccio

Human Resource Manager

Josephine brings over 10 years of human resources professional experience to JoVE. Her expertise is in organizational development, employee training, employee relations, leadership and management coaching. After completing her business management degree Josephine worked over the past 16 years helping small technology businesses grow to become profitable and successful companies.

Josephine enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and mostly her two daughters. She enjoys outdoor activities such as running, hiking, picnics and snowboarding. Her favorite place to visit is the mountains in North Conway, NH.

Dan Dan Robinson

Dan Robinson


Dan graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2003 with a bachelors degree in Computer Science and Psychology. Following graduation, he has pursued a career in software development with focuses on open source technologies and the web. In his free time, you can find him on the golf course, behind a drumset, or checking out bands around Boston.

Avital Avital Braiman, Ph.D.

Avital Braiman, Ph.D.

Director of Editorial

Avital received her Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Brown University. Her research focused on DNA separation by optically directed transport and surface electrophoresis. Avital joined JoVE in 2012. She is excited to take part in advancing scientific publishing to a new and innovative frontier via video publication.

Matthew Matthew Kramer,  M.B.A

Matthew Kramer, M.B.A

Director of Business Development

Matthew holds his bachelor’s in Microbiology and his MBA from the Whittemore School of Business at the University of New Hampshire, where he focused on entrepreneurial venture creation. He gained experience as a project management consultant with Lonza Biologics and while preforming a business development role at Glycan Connections, a contract research organization performing glycan characterization. Matthew excels at establishing business relationships and leverages his talents to assist companies in utilizing JoVE’s unique competencies in video publication & production.

Ben Ben Fountain

Ben Fountain

Accounting Specialist

Ben holds a B.S.B.A in Finance from Suffolk University. While attending Suffolk, he followed his passion for sports writing & journalism by writing for The Suffolk Voice. He continued to rise the ranks and became Editor-In-Chief during his senior year. After graduation, he needed somewhere to vent about what goes on in the Boston sports scene so he writes for a handful of blogs. Before arriving at JoVE, he’s worked in the long term health care & banking industry for a few years. He also estatic to be a part of JoVE and grow alongside it.

Michelle Michelle Kinahan, Ph.D.

Michelle Kinahan, Ph.D.

Deputy Editorial Director of Review

Michelle moved to Boston for graduate school after studying Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Florida. She completed her Ph.D. at Boston University in Biomedical Engineering. For her thesis research, Michelle worked in a collaborative project between BU, MIT and Tufts to optimize protein design, processing, and characterization towards engineered silk biomaterials for tailored applications. An ultimate goal of this project is to design a fully biological tissue patch to repair congenital heart defects in newborns. Through interdisciplinary research experience Michelle saw the importance of scientists from different fields working together and sharing their observations to progress towards a common goal. She is excited to help facilitate this transfer of knowledge as a part of the JoVE team. Michelle is originally from Ireland, enjoys traveling and is an avid fan of the Florida Gators.

Nandita Nandita Singh,  Ph.D.

Nandita Singh, Ph.D.

Senior Science Editor, Project Manager for collaborations

Dr. Singh holds a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from University of South Carolina, Columbia and a M.Sc. in Molecular Biology from the Indian Institute of Technology in Roorkee, India. Nandita completed her post-doctoral work at the Whitehead Institute and worked in the Biotech Industry for over two years. She has published in leading journals including Nature, Nature Genetics, Genes and Development and Current Biology. She is convinced that the power of the visual media far exceeds the written word especially when it comes to describing biological methods. In her opinion, video protocols are an invaluable tool to make challenging biological techniques more reproducible and accessible to the entire scientific community.

Sephorah Sephorah Zaman, Ph.D.

Sephorah Zaman, Ph.D.

Science Editor

Sephorah completed her postdoctoral training in Neuroscience from Columbia University after graduating with a Ph.D in Biology from the Chemistry-Biology Interface Program at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. For her doctoral thesis, Sephorah used molecular biology, genetic and biochemical approaches to understand the structure, function and assembly of the ribosome. Her postdoctoral work focused on studying the epigenetic basis of neuropsychiatric diseases by using Next Generation Sequencing methods. Outside of work, Sephorah enjoys reading, cooking and traveling. Sephorah believes JoVE is changing the way science is done in research laboratories around the world and loves to be part of the innovative culture at JoVE.

Eric Eric Veien, Ph.D.

Eric Veien, Ph.D.

Science Editor

Eric moved to the Boston area just after receiving his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Utah and marrying his longtime girlfriend. In Utah, he studied neurodevelopment using the little zebrafish. When he wasn’t in the lab, you could probably find him mountainbiking on mountain trails or snowboarding in the backcountry. Although he is still keenly interested in the brain, he developed a strong interest in biotechnology over three years of postdoctoral research as a stem cell biologist in a bioengineering lab at UMass Medical School. He joined JoVE in January of 2014 to help spread scientific discovery to others, and is excited to help add a new layer to scientific publishing.

Dennis Dennis McGonagle

Dennis McGonagle

Senior Acquisitions Editor

Dennis is a Massachusetts native and attended Emerson College where he studied marketing before embarking on an editorial career in book publishing up until 2014. As a new member of the JoVE editorial team he's looking forward to bringing those publishing skills to the company and excited to be a part of expanding the Science Education product line. In his free time he enjoys reading, watching movies, playing hockey, going to Bruins games, and frequently taking his two spoiled dogs to the park.

Michael Michael Karadimos, Ph.D.

Michael Karadimos, Ph.D.

Senior Scientific Editor, Post-production

Michael started with the video production department at JoVE in June 2012. he handles the proofing process for all JoVE-produced videos, along with managing a team of scientific editors. Prior to arriving at JoVE, Michael was a postdoctoral fellow at the Joslin Diabetes Center where he conducted research in diabetes. He received his PhD from Purdue University characterizing the role of adiponectin in mammary gland development and breast cancer.

Michael Michael Linnes, Ph.D.

Michael Linnes, Ph.D.

Senior Scientific Editor, Pre-production

Dr. Linnes holds a PhD in bioengineering from the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. His thesis work centered on the development of enhanced microporous fibrin matrices for use in tissue engineering. he then completed two years of post-doctoral research at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, looking into the causes of kidney stones. Michael moved to Boston and began work with JoVE in 2012. Since the, he has scripted over 100 video articles and has also been involved with productions in JoVE’s new Science Education section. Michael is excited to help JoVE continuously grow as more and more people take science to the next level with the power of video.

Allison Allison Diamond

Allison Diamond

Associate Editor

Allison became entranced by the human brain while getting her Bachelor of Arts in Neuroscience and Behavior at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. A Boston native, she returned after graduating and worked in a neuroscience lab at Harvard Medical School. There, she studied the genetics of Alzheimer’s disease and perfected the art of sexing flies and sectioning fly brains. After frustrating attempts to replicate histological experiments based on abrupt methods sections from scientific papers, she discovered JoVE, and was delighted. She joined the team in September of 2012, excited to work towards revolutionizing scientific publishing!

Mathew Mathew Solomon

Mathew Solomon

Associate Editor

Mat graduated from Case Western Reserve University in 2013 with a B.S. in Physics and a B.A. in Music. At Case, his research focused on modeling magnetic nanoparticle agglomerations, with applications in magnetic nanoparticle imaging and early cancer detection techniques. When he's not thinking about science, Mat is usually immersed in music, making beautiful noises on the trombone and composing scores for films and games. In his free time, he enjoys biking, cooking, and juggling chinchillas. Mat joined JoVE in February 2014, and is excited to be involved in this unique journal and surrounded by all these crazy smart people.

Mary Mary Struziak

Mary Struziak

Editorial Assistant

Mary graduated with Honors from the University of Vermont in May 2014 with a B.A. in Biology and a Chemistry minor. She was involved in research throughout college and is published in Neuroscience. Her honors thesis work investigated the age- and sex-dependent expression of estrogen receptors in vomeronasal sensory neurons. Mary currently lives in the North End and loves to ski in the winter and spend time outdoors.

Malani Malani Sundaram

Malani Sundaram

Editorial Assistant

Malani graduated from Boston University in May 2014 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. While there, she studied abroad in New Zealand at the University of Auckland where she assisted in environmental research on carbon and water fluxes in Kauri trees. Outside of work, she can be found drinking tea, baking, juggling and hiking.

Cathryn Cathryn King

Cathryn King

Production Coordinator

Cathryn King graduated from Penn State with a degree in film/video production. She has worked as a production assistant, casting assistant, and grip on everything from infomercials to feature films. She also worked briefly as a clown in a haunted house and considered being paid to shriek at people an excellent use of time. Originally from Maryland, she moved to Boston in 2010 for the snowy New England winters and hasn’t been disappointed. When not busy fielding JoVE e-mails, she likes to travel, hike, and buy impractical things that she wanted when she was 8—like a metal detector. She is excited to be a part of the JoVE process and looks forward to helping JoVE grow.

Heather Heather Lewis

Heather Lewis

Account Manager

Heather graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2011 with degrees in Biological Sciences and Spanish. From 2010-2011, she was the president of URI Student Action for Sustainability. She also spent a semester in Sevilla and, among many other future travel plans, would love to return to Spain someday. Prior to joining JoVE, Heather worked at the Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation in Portsmouth, NH. While there, she conducted research on whale watches, led numerous beach cleanups, and presented educational programs involving tide pool creatures and a 60 foot inflatable whale. Heather joined the JoVE team in March 2012 and is excited to be a part of the revolution in scientific publishing!

Mike Mike Fusco

Mike Fusco

Deputy Director of Library Relations: North America - West, Mexico, Canada - West

Michael holds a B.A. in English and a minor in graphic design from Emmanuel College in Boston, Massachusetts. Michael became immediately involved in the world of publishing upon his graduation in 2008 and brings his experience from a major academic publishing house to JoVE, a company he feels is playing a large part in restoring America’s rightful place in both science education and research outcomes. A closeted Federalist, Michael tends to agree with almost everything John Adams has ever said and enjoys applying the constitution and American history to contemporary issues as well as monitoring social change on a global scale. In his free time Michael can be found zipping through Boston traffic on his bicycle, critiquing assorted shawarma restaurants, taking in live music, or furiously supporting one of his favorite professional sports teams.

Frank Frank Buckley

Frank Buckley

Account Manager

Frank graduated from Lake Forest College with a degree in business. He worked in the textile industry and finance industry before joining JoVE. He has a strong interest in the environment and the challenges the world faces to innovate and adapt to these change such as habitat loss, food production and land degradation. In his spare time Frank enjoys playing basketball, the outdoors and attending sporting events.

Matthew Matthew O’Donnell

Matthew O’Donnell

Account Manager

Matt grew up in Eastern. Mass and attended Boston College, graduating with a degree in Communications in 2004. He was a pitcher on the BC baseball team for 4 years. After college he had a stint with the Greeneville Astros, a minor league affiliate of the Houston Astros baseball club. The Greeneville Astros were the 2004 Appalachian league champions. Matt enjoys traveling and spending time with good friends and family. He also enjoys pizza, a meal he eats more than 5 times per week.

Jen Jen Ostrosky

Jen Ostrosky

Account Manager

Jen received her M.S. in Nutrition from Tufts University in 2000 and joined AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals where she held positions in hospital sales, managed markets and customer service throughout New England for 9 years. After taking a short break from the work force to have and raise her 2 young children, Jen began working for JoVE in May 2012. Her focus is on hospitals and government institutions. When she’s not working or playing with her kids, Jen loves to cook and has taken cooking classes in Italy, Boston and Maine. She’s transferring her love of cooking to her son, who is often her “sous-chef” in the kitchen, and tends to describe JoVE to friends as the Food Network for scientists. Being a visual learner, she strongly believes in the value JoVE provides researchers, clinicians and physicians in training.

Mark Mark Ingram

Mark Ingram

Account Manager

Mark attended Suffolk University and graduated with a B.A in Comm Studies in 2009. Since graduating he has worked extensively in Music Retail, E-commerce, and the Life Science communities. Mark swapped the sunny and clementine shores of Scotland for the US to play ice hockey. Apparently such was his fearsome reputation it forced Sergei Federov into retirement. He's also a familiar name in Boston's electronic music scene, where he has been djing and rocking parties for the past 8+ years. His favorite thing in the world is Braveheart, followed by Haggis, and he plays the bagpipes with poetic elan.

Erhick Erhick Demattos

Erhick Demattos

Account Manager

Erhick Demattos was born in Brazil, moved to Massachusetts when he was 11, then back to Brazil ten years later.  In 2013 after studying at  Geography at Universidade Federal do Parana for three and half years Erhick transferred to Framingham State. He's spent most of my time working with geospatial database management and teaching ESL.  Erhick likes to spend time with his fiance and dog, listen to LPs, cooking good food and drinking good beer responsibly.

Olena Olena Vink, MS

Olena Vink, MS

Business Development Manager

Olena's career began after she graduated with a Masters in Physics from Kharkiv National University in 1995. A dedicated and enthusiastic researcher, she joined a medical device start up as a clinical research associate and device sales representative. In 1999, after four successful years with the company, she relocated to Boston, Massachusetts where she continued her career in the medical field. Olena's drive led her to return to sales and business development in 2012.

Sean Sean Paravano

Sean Paravano

Account Manager

Sean graduated from Emmanuel College in Boston with a bachelor's degree in English Communications. He then earned his Master of Arts in Secondary English Education from Boston University. Sean previously worked for Crimson Life Sciences for three years, where he was the Lead Resource Coordinator recruiting translators from across the world to work on projects. Prior to that, he worked for Pearson Custom Publishing as a Manufacturing Buyer. Sean is originally from the Philadelphia area, meaning that his passion for the Eagles is surpassed only by his love of incredibly disgusting food. Hidden talents: he is surprisingly good at bowling.

Jamie Jamie Bell

Jamie Bell

Account Manager

Jamie Bell received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Rhode Island and describes himself as a geek with people skills.  Prior to joining the JoVE team, he has worked in engineering, tech sales, and customer service at companies such as FM Global, Profitbricks IaaS, and Harvard Business School Publishing.  Though he grew up in Michigan, Jamie has called New England his home since 1996 and has never looked back.  In his spare time, Jamie enjoys traveling, cooking, music, and spending time with good friends and family.

Marcus Marcus Kennedy

Marcus Kennedy

Account Manager

Marcus Kennedy is a University of Massachusetts at Amherst Alumni and has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry working for companies such as Novartis AG, Tyco Healthcare(Covidien) and Novo Nordisk Inc. Marcus has lived both in the North and Southwest where he found his love for music festivals, farmer markets and nature.

Jane Jane Hannon

Jane Hannon

Marketing Communication Specialist

Jane recently moved to the Boston area from Chapel Hill, NC. She graduated with degrees in Neuroscience and Hispanic Studies from Hamilton College in May of 2011. Despite childhood dreams of becoming a detective, a strong desire to understand the complexity of the brain lured Jane into the field of science. While in college, Jane conducted EEG experimentation to study multimodal communicative language in humans. Previously, she worked on correlating the tonality of various languages with that of their respective music traditions, first at Duke University then at the National University of Singapore. She greatly enjoys traveling and is a force to be reckoned with during trivia. Jane joined the JoVE team in March of 2012, intrigued by the idea of revolutionizing scientific publication!

Madeline Madeline Caulfield

Madeline Caulfield

Marketing Manager

Madeline graduated UMass Amherst with a double major in Mathematics and Social Thought and Political Economy. She now holds the title of Sales and Marketing Administrator at JoVE. In her free time she enjoys the company of friends, driving, singing loudly and badly, cooking and creating spectacular cheese plates. She loves the water and spends most of the summer on a beach. She’s a huge music fan and keeps the library up to date on the latest and favorites.

Phil Phil Meagher

Phil Meagher

Marketing Associate

Phil spent the first four years of his career in sales management and public relations while working for a leading fitness provider in Boston, MA. At JoVE, Phil’s responsibilities surround providing logistical support for JoVE events, developing marketing campaigns and contributing to JoVE’s social media presence. When not working, he enjoys many hobbies—including exercise, auto-mechanics and reading a lot of Stephen King books.

Amy Amy Nerboe

Amy Nerboe

Marketing Assistant

Amy is from Pittsburgh PA, and studied Exercise Physiology at University of South Carolina. After college she rocked out in a band for several years and eventually decided to get serious and settle down a bit. She has lived in South Carolina, Pittsburgh, Seattle, and Oslo-Norway before settling in Boston with her husband. Amy has a weakness for blonde hair blue eyed Norwegian boys, especially her 2 year old Sebastian. Amy enjoys spending time with her family, writing music, singing, going to shows and discovering new bands/music.

Mariah Mariah Slone

Mariah Slone

HR Generalist

Mariah graduated from Cornell University with a BS in Entomology. She has previously worked in entomology labs at Cornell and Harvard as a research assistant, and at Friends of the Chicago River as an intern. Mariah also worked at a local ice cream store for many years, and she has strong opinions about frozen desserts. In her free time, Mariah enjoys running through the beautiful forests of Massachusetts and playing her ukulele.

Chris Chris Macdonald

Chris Macdonald

Deputy Director of Information Technology

Chris majored in Interactive Media at Fitchburg State University in Massachusetts. Chris interned for the Office of the Governor in Boston prior to his employment at JoVE. He joined JoVE in 2008 and has played many IT roles at the company since. When the weather is nice Chris can usually be found skateboarding around New England.

Nic Nic Riley

Nic Riley

Project Manager

Nic attended Ithaca College and graduated with a BS in Computer science in the distant past of 1999.  After that, the internet took off as a way to make money and Nic has been working for companies with that goal ever since.  Despite growing up on a horse farm in rural Maine, Nic settled in the unusually suburban town of Arlington, Mass., with his fiance, Beth, and a tiny spaz of a dog named Rocket.  In his spare time he persues an utter failure to play the ukulele and the ultra nerd hobby of making very small paper tanks.  For the past three years, Nic has been the proud owner of a house in Chelsea, Maine, where on the weekends he engages in woodworking within enough isolation to avoid complaints about all the hammering and power tool noise.

Alex Alex Bhatty

Alex Bhatty

Business Administration Assistant / Office Manager

Alex went to Johnson and Wales in RI, where he studied business management. He has 9 years of experience in retail management and recruiting. Alex is passionate about traveling and has been all over Europe, Asia, North America and South America. He speaks 5 languages and loves to socialize with his peers. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his niece and nephew. Alex was born and raised in Pakistan and moved with his family to US at the age of 15.

Richard Richard Medeiros

Richard Medeiros

Senior Web Developer

Richard has more than 5 years of professional programming and web application development experience in a fast paced company that specializes in custom social network development. He loves learning the newest technologies and using what he has learned to create cutting edge web applications. When he is not working he enjoys spending time with his wife and four children.

Will Will Kung

Will Kung

Junior Web Developer

Will holds a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY. In his spare time, he enjoys watching NASCAR and playing the harmonica. Will joined JoVE as a web developer in the summer of 2014, and is excited to be a part of the continuously growing team.

Alexander Alexander McIlhatten

Alexander McIlhatten

Peer Review Specialist

Alexander attended Boston University to study biomedical engineering and conducted research in the fields of orthopedics and pathology. Working with JoVE allows him to pursue his interests in new research and technologies across a variety of scientific fields. Outside of the office or the lab, Alexander enjoys swimming, tennis, and skiing.

Therese Therese Dane

Therese Dane

Peer Review Specialist

Therese is a native of Niagara Falls, N.Y. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from the Rochester Institute of Technology. There she cultured human leukemia cells and embryonic kidney cells in the Wright Bioengineering Laboratory and experimented with bacteriophage in a micro and viral genetics lab. She journeyed to Boston in the summer of 2009, volunteering her time in the Templer Ecology Lab at Boston University and in the Center of Cancer Systems Biology at Tufts University. Eager to get back to Boston, she moved here in the winter of 2013. She is enthusiastic about working to help JoVE succeed at revolutionizing research methodology!

Kevin Kevin Franciotti

Kevin Franciotti

Editorial Assistant

Kevin earned his undergraduate degree in Behavioral Neuroscience from Northeastern University in 2013. Among his experiential education internships, his time as a Research Assistant at Harvard Medical School's McLean Hospital earned him an acknowledgement in a paper published in Medical Science Monitor titled, "Evidence of health and safety in American members of a religion who use a hallucinogenic sacrament." He also worked on the Phase II dose-response pilot study of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy in subjects with anxiety associated with advanced-stage cancer. Upon discovering JoVE in the fall of 2013, Kevin joined the Editorial team in April 2014 and is also a freelance science journalist whose articles have been published in New Scientist and Reason magazines. Among his many passions in life, Kevin is a self-proclaimed "live music junkie" who attends shows and festivals all over the country throughout the year.

Nandita Singh,  Ph.D.

Nandita Singh, Ph.D.

Senior Science Editor, Project Manager for collaborations

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Mike Fusco

Mike Fusco

Deputy Director of Library Relations: North America - West, Mexico, Canada - West

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