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Submission and Review

If you have any questions about submission or publication, please contact

Video Production

JoVE will handle all aspects of video production, including filming and editing, at locations within our Videographer Network. If your location is outside of our videographer network or you prefer to do your own video production, please click here to learn about our Video Produced by Author option.

  • You submit an original manuscript according to JoVE’s guidelines, which must complete internal editorial review and then external peer review to be accepted for publication.
  • After your manuscript is accepted, JoVE’s Ph.D. scriptwriters translate your manuscript into a video script and tell you what materials and reagents to prepare in advance.
  • On the day of filming, JoVE sends a professional videographer to your lab to shoot the video. The protocol is typically filmed in one day.
  • Following filming, JoVE edits your video and adds professional voice-over talent to narrate the science shown on film.
  • Your video article will then be published online and indexed in PubMed/MEDLINE, SciFinder, and Scopus.

Manuscript preparation and submission

We accept written manuscripts that follow our Manuscript Instructions for Authors.

Required Submission Components:

  1. Cover letter describing:
    • Why this work should be published in JoVE's unique multimedia format
    • Author contributions
    • The names of any JoVE editors who have assisted you in the submission process
    • A list of 6 peer reviewer names with their institutional affiliation and email addresses. You may also suggest up to three opposed reviewers
  2. Manuscript in the proper format. Please download and use either the Standard Manuscript Template or Medical Manuscript Template and follow the guidelines in the Manuscript Instructions for Authors document.
  3. Separate figure files/data tables in the proper formats according to the Manuscript Instructions for Authors document.
  4. Separate Excel spreadsheet with Tables of Specific Materials/Equipment.
  5. A signed Author License Agreement or Author License Agreement UK. This can be uploaded with your submission or mailed/faxed to the editorial office (Note: only one Agreement is required per submission).

You should also have the following prepared:

  • Names, emails and mailing addresses of your co-authors
  • Billing contact and address; you will not be invoiced until your article has been editorially accepted, but the contact information is collected at submission

Optional Downloads

When all components are completed, please follow our submission instructions at

Editorial review

All submitted manuscripts undergo editorial review immediately upon submission. Editorial review ensures that all manuscripts are written according to JoVE guidelines, the content fits within JoVE's scope, and the protocol is filmable. Manuscripts that do not meet JoVE's guidelines will require revisions or may be rejected. Upon completion of editorial review, your manuscript has passed quality control and will be peer reviewed.

Peer review

Following completion of editorial review, all manuscripts are sent out to be peer reviewed by fellow experts in your field of research. The peer review comments are intended to improve the overall quality and scientific rigor of the article. You are expected to revise your manuscript according to peer review comments. When your manuscript has passed peer review, it will be finalized by a JoVE editor, at which time it will be considered in-press. Your final, revised manuscript will be used by JoVE science writers to create the narrative for your video and will be published as the full text article in our journal.

Publication fee

After your manuscript is accepted, you will be charged a one-time fee to help cover the costs of video production and publication.

Authors may choose to publish in standard access, meaning that the viewer needs to have a JoVE subscription to see the full article (list of subscribed institutions), or open access, meaning that anyone can see the full article. For more information, see our Author License Agreement. UK authors, please see our Author License Agreement UK and our page on UK compliance.

For JoVE-produced videos: standard access $2,400, open access $4,200

For author-produced videos: standard access $1,200, open access $3,000

Cancellation Fee for JoVE-produced videos

Video production requires money and resources. Please, do not submit a manuscript that you do not wish to publish. Submissions may be canceled with no penalty up until the point at which a script has been written. A fee of $1,200 will be charged if the author withdraws the submission after a script is written in order to offset the cost of pre-production.

If you have any questions about submission or publication, please contact

Filming (1 day)

Video shoot

JoVE's PhD level scriptwriters will turn your protocol into a video script to help you and the videographers plan your video. Following completion of peer review and finalization of your manuscript, you will be contacted by JoVE's production coordinator (typically within 5 business days of finalization). The production coordinator will connect you with your scriptwriter and schedule your video shoot. The date of filming may take place anywhere from several weeks to several months after manuscript finalization, depending on several factors, including your lab's availability and the preparation time required for your experiment.

JoVE's professional videographers will come to your lab (or filming location) and film your protocol according to your video script. The videographers are specially trained to film in research environments and will have all the tools necessary to film your unique protocol. The complete video filming process will be completed within one day (typically 6-8 hours).

Video Editing

Video production

After filming, JoVE's video and science editors edit your video to ensure that the final product is true to your manuscript. JoVE hires professional voice-over talent to narrate every video. Video editing and finalization generally takes several weeks to months to complete, finalize, and integrate to the JoVE website. You will get a chance to approve your final video and manuscript after video editing in the "Galley Proofing" stage.

Once your video-article is finalized and approved by you and your co-authors, it moves into the queue for publication. Your video-article will be published in JoVE between one and three months following Galley Proofing and finalization.


Indexing and citations

Your video-article will be submitted on your behalf to PubMed and a PMID will be generated within 2 weeks of your publication date. Your video-article will also be submitted on your behalf to PubMed Central and a PMCID will be generated within 1-4 months of your publication date. Open access release to PubMed Central depends on your publication type (standard or open access) and will occur for all articles following an embargo period defined by NIH guidelines. If you have specific concerns about your grant requirements, please contact your editor or

Please cite your article and encourage others to do the same whenever you use the techniques documented in it.

Our citation format is: Author. Title.Journal(Issue), Page, doi:DOI (Year).

For example: Welstead, G. G., Brambrink, T., Jaenisch, R. Generating iPS Cells from MEFS through Forced Expression of Sox-2, Oct-4, c-Myc, and Klf4. J. Vis. Exp. (14), e734, doi:10.3791/734 (2008).

Get Sighted

As soon as your article is published on JoVE's website, you may download the PDF text and .MOV video file. To download your article files, simply log into the JoVE website using your author-associated email address, i.e. the one you used for publishing, and click the links on the right side of your article page.

If you have not yet created a JoVE account, please register with JoVE using your author-associated email address. If you already have a JoVE account, you can reset your JoVE password as necessary.

We encourage all of our authors to use their video for educational and teaching purposes, including embedding your video into your laboratory homepage.

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