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Most JoVE Articles Require a Subscription

As with many other science journals, a subscription is required to view most JoVE articles. If you find JoVE useful for your studies/research, please make a recommendation to librarians at your institution so they can purchase a subscription. If you would like us to contact your librarian on your behalf, please email us at Sorry, but no individual subscriptions are available at this time.

Why does JoVE require subscriptions?

Most JoVE video articles are filmed and edited by video professionals. Since video production is very expensive, the cost per article for JoVE is much higher than for traditional, text-only publications. It is not possible to cover the costs of video production based on the typical open-access model, in which fees are typically collected from academic authors. Consequently, we made the difficult decision to make a large portion of our content only available to paid subscribers in order to cover these costs.

What happens when you bring JoVE to your institution?

See how our authors and users have benefited from using our unique video format.

Publication in JoVE Accelerates Knowledge Transfer by 75% at a Clemson University Lab
JoVE Saves Purdue University Lab $15,000
JoVE Helps University of Helsinki Neuroscience Researchers Learn Technique 96% Faster
JoVE Saves University of Washington Lab $40,000
Stanford University Saves 6 Months of Research Time Thanks to JoVE
JoVE Saves Michigan State Labs More than $13,000 Annually by Improving Surgery Success Rates by 50%
JoVE Saves 6 Months of Trial and Error for Lab at University of Alaska
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Do you represent an institution?

Institutional subscriptions can begin anytime and the annual subscription price may be pro-rated accordingly. The license agreement provides for unlimited online access for all users from your institution using authorized IP addresses.
For more information and institutional sales, please contact our library relations department.
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