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Institute of Chemistry

The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem

Edit Y. Tshuva

Edit Tshuva is a Full Professor of Chemistry at the Institute of Chemistry, the Faculty of Science, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Born in 1975, Prof. Tshuva conducted her Ph.D. studies under the supervision of Prof. Moshe Kol at Tel-Aviv University. Throughout these studies, she developed early transition metal based catalysts for the stereoselective polymerization of terminal olefins. After graduating with Distinction in 2001, she continued to postdoctoral studies as a Fulbright fellow, and spent two years at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), working under the supervision of Prof. Stephen J. Lippard on the development of synthetic models for metalloenzymes with that exhibit carboxylate-bridged di-iron sites.

In 2003 Prof. Tshuva joined the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as a Senior Lecturer holding the Allon fellowship, and was promoted to a Full Professor in 2016. Her research group is interested in various topics that relate to synthetic bioinorganic chemistry, applying coordination chemistry techniques in the synthesis and investigation of transition metal complexes that have valuable biological and medicinal applications. Among other topics, the Tshuva group has been working on the development and understanding of safe, potent, and targeted metal-based chemotherapy and peptide-based therapy for copper related disorders.

Prof. Tshuva was awarded several European Research Council (ERC) grants including StG, CoG, and PoC, and she has served in the editorial boards of ChemMedChem, JoVE, and Scientific Reports.

Photograph by: Ben Kelmer