Ravindra Nanda

Division of Orthodontics

University of Connecticut Health Center

Ravindra Nanda

Dr. Ravindra Nanda is a renowned personality in the field of Orthodontics and currently serves as the professor emeritus and a former Chair of Division in the University of Connecticut (UConn) Farmington, Connecticut, USA.

Ravindra Nanda began his professional journey from India, where he completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Dental Sciences in the year 1964 from the King George Medical College, Lucknow. He later moved to the Netherlands in 1969 to pursue his Ph.D. from the University of Nijmegen School of Dentistry, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. He received his Fellowship in Orthodontics while he was pursuing his Doctorate. Under the guidance of Dr. Charles, Dr. Nanda received his Certificate in Orthodontics, in the year 1978 from the University Of Connecticut School Of Dental Medicine.

During his Master’s, Professor Ravindra Nanda was working as a house surgeon in the College of Dentistry, Lucknow University, and after completing his post-graduation, he served there as a lecturer. He was a learning enthusiast, so he decided to expand his knowledge while migrating to the Netherlands and learning and teaching new techniques used in Orthodontics. Later, Ravindra Nanda shifted to the School of Dental Medicine, Loyola University, Maywood as an Assistant Professor.

Dr. Ravi Nanda joined the University of Connecticut in the year 1972 and has served there for 4 decades. He began his career journey in UConn, as an Assistant Professor and later in the year 1979, he was promoted as the Professor. His journey in UConn was commendable, as he retired as the Head of the Department of Craniofacial Sciences and Chair of the Division of Orthodontics from the university.

Currently, Dr. Nanda is serving as professor emeritus in UConn and is an active participant of major Orthodontic societies as well as sharing his part of knowledge while attending conferences and delivering various seminars.

Dr. Ravindra Nanda is a well-known name when it comes to Orthodontics, and he has offered 4 decades of his life to assist a number of people who have an urge to learn and want to pursue a career in the field of Orthodontists.

As a professor, he believes that sharing his knowledge will help him to contribute something to the field. As a result, with his clinical interests and thorough research, he authored 7 textbooks and co-edited more than 200 publications. Books of Dr. Ravindra Nanda that commenced a major change in the field of orthodontics:

• Retention and Stability in Orthodontics,

• Current Therapy in Orthodontics,

• Biomechanics in Clinical Orthodontics,

• Temporary Anchorage Devices in Orthodontics,

• Atlas of Complex Orthodontics,

• Esthetic Strategies in Clinical Orthodontics,

• Esthetics and Biomechanics in Orthodontics.

As an Orthodontist, Dr. Nanda has been associated with a number of Orthodontic societies, including The European Orthodontic Society, The Hartford Dental Society, The International Association of Dental Research, The American Association of Orthodontics, The Egyptian Orthodontic Society, and many more.

Dr. Ravindra Nanda has contributed a lot in the field of Orthodontics, and he has been honored with numerous awards, some of them are Honorary Life Time Membership by the Indian Orthodontic Society, Life Time Achievement Award by the University of Connecticut Foundation, Sheldon Friel Memorial Lecture by the European Orthodontic Society, and many more.

Dr. Nanda has been a gem for his students and fellow mates. He travels around to deliver lectures as well as seminars to other aspirants. If you want to know more about his summits or lectures, you can visit his website www.ravindrananda.com.