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Hanna Primeau

Instructional Designer, Ohio State University
Hanna Primeau is an Instructional Designer for the Teaching & Learning department at The Ohio State University Libraries. She regularly consults others in applying sound pedagogical methods, including incorporating emerging learning technologies. Projects she has recently completed are the full redesigns of two of the Library’s for-credit courses, Information Search, Evaluation, & Use, and the course Academic Online Research. She recently lead a team in developing and launching an Instructor Resources site, a digital repository dedicated to connecting instructors on campus to professional development guidance on topics such as information literacy and affordable learning, as well as library curated “just in time” learning objects that instructors can incorporate directly into their courses. Previously she worked as a Reference and Instruction librarian from 2013 through 2017, providing information literacy instruction, as well as working to expand the reach of the library by creating reusable, interactive learning objects.

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