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JoVE 3rd Issue

Published: May 1, 2007 doi: 10.3791/178


The third issue of JoVE draws attention to issues on the intersection of the basic and applied biomedical research. In this context, the interview with Ole Isacson (McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School) provides an in-depth look at contemporary challenges of Parkinson’s disease research. The candid interview grants insights that reach beyond the pure scientific problems, as it addresses the often neglected “human factor” that very much shapes the outcomes of our scientific ventures.

Chris Hughes and his group from the University of California at Irvine offer valuable insights into current angiogenesis research. As an integral part of many biological processes ranging from development, physiology, and pathology to regeneration, an understanding of the mechanisms of angiogenesis is often a key factor in our quest for cures. The video articles present an in vitro model that closely mimics many aspects of in vivo angiogenesis, including sprouting, tube formation, branching and anastomosis. The article by Shiraiwa and Carlson from Yale University on a proboscis extension response (PER) assay in Drosophila was unanimously selected as this month most outstanding submitted article. This article featuring a key experiment on taste (gustatory) behavior provides a benchmark with regards to presentation of content and overall production for submitted videos.

Starting with this issue, we have begun a process to implement a new design, incorporating optimized navigational tools and search functions. This process will continue in the future as it is largely driven by the necessities of the ever increasing content and its structured presentation.

To view a complete listing of video-articles in this issue, please go here.


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JoVE 3rd Issue. J. Vis. Exp. (3), e178, doi:10.3791/178 (2007).

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