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JoVE 9th Issue

Published: November 1, 2007 doi: 10.3791/412


This issue of JoVE covers a range of topics in the life sciences, which include complex transplantation procedures, developmental biology techniques, and advanced approaches in biomedical engineering.   The Bluestone Laboratory (Diabetes Center, University of California, San Francisco) demonstrates a procedure for transplanting pancreatic islets into the kidney capsule of naturally occurring diabetic (NOD) mice.  This transplantation model is used to evaluate tolerance induction therapies for the treatment of diabetes, and the transplantation procedure itself is a continuation of the islet isolation procedure previously published in the 7th issue of JoVE.  Also in this issue, master micro-surgeon Fengchun Liu (Department of Surgery, UCSF) demonstrates the procedure for doing orthotopic lung transplantation in rats – a transplantation model useful to study transplanted lung dysfunction and rejection, which can lead to fibroproliferative disorders.

In the field of developmental neuroscience, the Millen Laboratory (University of Chicago) demonstrates in ovo electroporaration, which they use to over express or silence genes in the spinal cord of developing chick embryos.  Dr. Millen also discusses the molecular basis of pattern formation in the cerebellum and gives insight into how analysis of spontaneous mouse models with cerebellar deformations can implicate new genes critical for cerebellar development.

Also in this issue, Noo Li Jeon (Department of Biomedical Engineering) University of California, Irvine comments on the development and use of BioMEMS in the life sciences, and his laboratory demonstrates a simple and inexpensive method for reversible bonding PDMS-fabricated devices to glass substrates without using plasma treatment. Christine Beeton (Chandy Lab, University of California, Irvine) illustrates the procedure for generating T cell growth factor from mouse splenocytes, which can be used to maintain the viability of T cell lines.

Finally basic protocols in this issue focus on the demonstration of popular biotechnology kits such as the procedure for isolating CD4+ lymphocytes using the MACS column from Miltenyi Biotech and extracting RNA from mouse neuroprecursor cells.


JoVE Or Journal Of Visualized Experiments Is A Unique Scientific Journal That Focuses On Publishing Research Articles In Video Format. The 9th Of JoVE Showcases A Variety Of Groundbreaking Research Studies And Experiments. In This You Will Find Videos Covering A Wide Range Of Scientific Disciplines Including Biology Chemistry Physics And Engineering. Each Video Provides A Detailed Visual Demonstration Of The Experiment Allowing Researchers To See The Methods And Results In Action. One Of The Featured Articles In This Explores The Use Of CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Editing Technology To Manipulate DNA Sequences In Living Organisms. This Groundbreaking Technique Has Revolutionized The Field Of Genetics And Has The Potential To Unlock New Insights Into Various Diseases And Genetic Disorders. Another Highlight Of The 9th Is A Video Demonstrating A Novel Approach To Drug Delivery Using Nanoparticles. This Innovative Method Has The Potential To Revolutionize Targeted

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