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Methods for the Study of the Zebrafish Maxillary Barbel

Methods for the Study of the Zebrafish Maxillary Barbel

Article DOI: 10.3791/1558-v 09:31 min November 23rd, 2009
November 23rd, 2009



The zebrafish maxillary barbel is an integumentary sense organ containing ectodermal, mesodermal and neural crest derivatives. Importantly, the adult barbel can regenerate after proximal amputation. This video introduces maxillary barbel development and demonstrates a surgical protocol to induce regeneration, followed by collection, embedding and downstream imaging of barbel specimens.


Zebrafish Maxillary Barbel Study Methods Skin Sensory Appendages Ectodermal Cells Mesodermal Cells Neural Crest Cells Optically Clear Tissue Visualization Development Maintenance Life Cycle Surgical Protocol Regeneration Induction Amputation Plane Regenerative Growth Barbel Analysis DNA Electrophoresis
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