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Minced Tissue in Compressed Collagen

Minced Tissue in Compressed Collagen: A Cell-containing Biotransplant for Single-staged Reconstructive Repair

Article DOI: 10.3791/53061 09:43 min February 24th, 2016
February 24th, 2016



Tissue engineering often includes in vitro expansion in order to create autografts for tissue regeneration. In this study a method for tissue expansion, regeneration, and reconstruction in vivo was developed in order to minimize the processing of cells and biological materials outside the body.



Minced Tissue Compressed Collagen Biotransplant Reconstructive Repair Autologous Tissue Biopsy Polycapro-lactone PCL Collagen Autograft 3D Scaffold Transplantation Immunohistochemical Analysis Proliferation Reorganization Animal Model Skin Urothelium Severely Malformed Tissues Trauma Surgical Repair In Vitro Culturing One-stage Surgical Procedure Sterile Conditions Porcine Bladder Biopsy Specimen
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