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Preparation and 3D Tracking of Catalytic Swimming Devices

Preparation and 3D Tracking of Catalytic Swimming Devices

Article DOI: 10.3791/54247 06:50 min July 1st, 2016
July 1st, 2016



A method to prepare catalytically active Janus colloids that can "swim" in fluids and determine their 3D trajectories is presented.



Preparation 3D Tracking Catalytic Swimming Devices Experiment Measure Trajectory Technique Chemical Gradients Gravitational Fields Volt Solutions Fluorescence Microscope PhD Student Richard Archer Glass Slides Colloidal Dispersion Deposition Pipette Aqueous 10% Weight Fluorescent Colloid Solution Ethanol Colloidal Suspension Vortex Spin Coat Substrate Load Diluted Colloidal Solution Rpm Suspension Deposition Coated Glass Slide Optical Microscope Dispersion Non-touching Separate Colloids Central Region Of The Slide Vacuum Evaporate Platinum Metal
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