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Behavioral Approaches to Studying Innate Stress in Zebrafish

Behavioral Approaches to Studying Innate Stress in Zebrafish

Article DOI: 10.3791/59092-v 05:29 min May 1st, 2019
May 1st, 2019



This manuscript describes a simple method to measure stress behaviorally in adult zebrafish. The approach takes advantage of the innate tendency that zebrafish prefer the bottom half of a tank when in a stressful state. We also describe methods for coupling the assay with pharmacology.



Behavioral Approaches Innate Stress Zebrafish Novel Tank Assay Genetic Tools Brain Modulation Of Stress Neural Circuits Stress Response Mechanisms Mexican Blind Cave Fish Fish Species Illumination Contrast Animal Tracking Assay Procedure Successful Execution Experiment Conditions Zebrafish Acclimation
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