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In Vitro ELISA Test to Evaluate Rabies Vaccine Potency

In Vitro ELISA Test to Evaluate Rabies Vaccine Potency

Article DOI: 10.3791/59641-v 09:04 min May 11th, 2020
May 11th, 2020



Here we describe an indirect ELISA sandwich immunocapture to determine the immunogenic glycoprotein contents in rabies vaccines. This test uses a neutralizing Monoclonal Antibody (mAb-D1) recognizing glycoprotein trimers. It is an alternative to the in vivo NIH test to follow the consistency of vaccine potency during production.



In Vitro ELISA Test Rabies Vaccine Potency Animal Testing Reduction Variability Of NH Test In Vitro Approaches Immunogenic Form Of Glycoprotein High Sensitivity One-day Turnaround Alternative To In Vivo NH Test Manufacturers National Control Laboratories Personal Protection Equipment Sodium Hypochlorite Solution Monoclonal Antibody Carbonate Buffer 96-well Immunoassay Plate
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