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4D Printed Bifurcated Stents with Kirigami-Inspired Structures

4D Printed Bifurcated Stents with Kirigami-Inspired Structures

Article DOI: 10.3791/59746-v 06:52 min July 25th, 2019
July 25th, 2019



Using a 3D printer, a shape memory polymer filament is extruded to form a branched tubular structure. The structure is patterned and shaped such that it can contract into a compact form once folded and then return to its formed shape when heated.



4D Printed Bifurcated Stents Kirigami-inspired Structures Shape-memory Polymers 3D Printers Custom-tailored Stents Proximal Main Vessel Distal Main Vessel Side Branch Total Length Of The Vessels Computer Model Fused Deposition Modeling Polycarbonate Filament Box-shaped Container Acrylic Plate Silicone
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