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An Electrochemiluminescence-Based Assay for MeCP2 Protein Variants

An Electrochemiluminescence-Based Assay for MeCP2 Protein Variants

Article DOI: 10.3791/61054-v 07:44 min May 22nd, 2020
May 22nd, 2020



The electrochemiluminescence immunoassay (ECLIA) is a novel approach for quantitative detection of endogenous and exogenously applied MeCP2 protein variants, which produces highly quantitative, accurate and reproducible measurements with low intra- and inter-assay error over a wide working range. Here, the protocol for the MeCP2-ECLIA in a 96-well format is described.



Electrochemiluminescence-based Assay MeCP2 Protein Variants ECLIA Quantification Method Western Blot ELISA Washing Solution Tween 20 PBS Blocking Solution Blocker A Assay Diluent Solution Monoclonal Mouse Anti-MeCP2 Antibody 96-well High Bind Plate Coating Solution
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