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Determining the Mechanical Strength of Ultra-Fine-Grained Metals

Determining the Mechanical Strength of Ultra-Fine-Grained Metals

Article DOI: 10.3791/61819-v 05:04 min November 22nd, 2021
November 22nd, 2021



The protocol presented here describes the high-pressure radial diamond-anvil-cell experiments and analyzing the related data, which are essential for obtaining the mechanical strength of the nanomaterials with a significant breakthrough to the traditional approach.



Mechanical Strength Ultra-fine-grained Metals Stress Tracking ASFA Metal Traditional Techniques Sub 10 Nanometer Grain Size Reproducible Results Reliable Results Laser Drilling Machine Captain Supporting Gaskets Boron Epoxy Gaskets Glass Slide Center Drilled Gasket Gasket Assembly Diamond On Computer Monitor
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