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Generation of Naïve Blastoderm Explants from Zebrafish Embryos

Generation of Naïve Blastoderm Explants from Zebrafish Embryos

Article DOI: 10.3791/62797-v 07:21 min July 30th, 2021
July 30th, 2021



Zebrafish blastoderm explants are generated by isolating embryonic cells from endogenous signaling centers within the early embryo, producing relatively naïve cell clusters easily manipulated and cultured ex vivo. This article provides instructions for making such explants and demonstrates their utility by interrogating roles for Nodal signaling during gastrulation.



Naïve Blastoderm Explants Zebrafish Embryos Signaling Molecules Endogenous Signaling Centers Embryonic Timing Cell Movements Gene Expression Patterns Ex-vivo System Stem Cells Culture Uninfected Embryos Glass Capillary Needle RNA Injection Mineral Oil Injection Plate Pasteur Pipette Pipette Pump Ndr2 RNA
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