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Affiliation: University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK

Mariana Azevedo Gonzalez Oliva is currently a PhD student within the Centre for the Cellular Microenvironment (CeMi) at the University of Glasgow. Her interests lie in mechanobiology as a new therapeutic target for tissue health.  

She graduated with a BSc Hons in Pharmacology from the University of Glasgow in June 2018 with a thesis on cell membrane receptors as potential targets for neuropsychiatric disease, under the supervision of Prof. Andrew Tobin. After this, she continued her education at the University of Glasgow with a Master of Science (MSci) in Stratified Medicine and Pharmacological Innovation, where she worked within the CeMi, exploiting hydrogels and their potential for promoting neural tissue regeneration under the supervision of Prof. Manuel Salmerón Sanchez. Since then, she has continued this work and stayed to pursue a PhD in the same lab, where she now investigates the role of a mechanosensitive membrane protein in relaying the cell’s mechanical environment to the cell nucleus.

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