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Affiliation: Netherlands Cancer Institute

Dr. Hans Wienk is a Project Manager in the Division of Biochemistry at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) in Amsterdam. He has a PhD in membrane biophysics from Utrecht University (2000), and postdoctoral training in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance at the Goethe University. Before iNEXT he was a post-doctoral fellow and then Facility Manager of the NMR spectroscopy group at the Utrecht University Bijvoet Centre, the largest NMR facilities in Europe; he is an expert in protein spectral assignments, structure calculations, interactions and dynamics. Since 2015 he has been managing the European Commission Horizon2020 project “iNEXT”. He has prepared and is now managing the follow-up “iNEXT-Discovery” Horizon2020 project. Both projects combine over twenty well-established European research groups and facilities for structural biology (NMR, X-rays, Electron Microscopy, Biophysics), that together offer coordinated facility access to hundreds of users, technical and scientific training, as well as networking and dissemination activities to stimulate structural biology research for health, food and biotechnology.

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