JoVE Science Education Basic Biology Essentials of Biology 2: Mouse, Zebrafish, and Chick

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Essentials of Biology 2: Mouse, Zebrafish, and Chick

This fourth installment of JoVE’s Science Education series features three vertebrate species commonly used in life sciences research: M. musculus (laboratory mouse), G. g. domesticus (chick), and D. rerio (zebrafish). In addition to discussing the current and historical significance of these organisms, the collection includes methodology relating to how they are maintained in the laboratory and reviews important concepts relating to their development.

M. musculus

Laboratory Mouse

G. g. domesticus


D. rerio


An Introduction to the Laboratory Mouse: Mus musculus

An Introduction to the Chick: Gallus gallus domesticus

An Introduction to the Zebrafish: Danio rerio

Basic Mouse Care and Maintenance

Basic Chick Care and Maintenance

Zebrafish Maintenance and Husbandry

Development and Reproduction of the Laboratory Mouse

Development of the Chick

Zebrafish Reproduction and Development

Mouse Genotyping

In ovo Electroporation of Chicken Embryos

Zebrafish Breeding and Embryo Handling

Introducing Experimental Agents into the Mouse

Chick ex ovo Culture

Zebrafish Microinjection Techniques

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