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An Assay for Quantifying Protein-RNA Binding in Bacteria

An Assay for Quantifying Protein-RNA Binding in Bacteria

Article DOI: 10.3791/59611-v 07:02 min June 12th, 2019
June 12th, 2019



In this method, we quantify the binding affinity of RNA binding proteins (RBPs) to cognate and non-cognate binding sites using a simple, live, reporter assay in bacterial cells. The assay is based on repression of a reporter gene.



Protein-RNA Binding Assay Quantifying Protein-RNA Binding Bacteria RNA Binding Protein RBP-RNA Affinity Live Bacterial Cells Plasmid Design Delta Waves Stop Codons Frameshift Mutations Binding Site Cassette Mini Gene EagI Restriction Site Kanamycin Resistance Gene PLac/Ara Promoter Ribosome Binding Site MCherry Gene Spacer ApaLI Restriction Site Assay Success Rate
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