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Dynamic Navigation in Endodontics

Dynamic Navigation in Endodontics: Guided Access Cavity Preparation by Means of a Miniaturized Navigation System

Article DOI: 10.3791/63687-v 07:03 min May 5th, 2022
May 5th, 2022



Dynamic navigation systems (DNS) provide real-time visualization and guidance to the operator during endodontic access cavities preparation. The planning of the procedure requires three-dimensional imaging utilizing cone beam computed tomography and surface scans. After the export of the planning data to the DNS, access cavities can be prepared with minimal invasion.


Keywords: Dynamic Navigation Endodontics Guided Access Cavity Preparation Minimally Invasive Root Canal Treatment Calcified Root Canals Tooth Preservation CBCT Segmentation Registration Implant Planning Marker Tray 3D Printing
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