Delivery of Antibodies into the Murine Brain Via Convection-Enhanced Delivery

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Convection-enhanced delivery (CED) is a neurosurgical technique enabling effective perfusion of large brain volumes using a catheter system. Such an approach provides a safe delivery method by-passing the blood brain barrier (BBB), thus allowing treatment with therapeutics with poor BBB-permeability or those for which systemic exposure is not desired, e.g., due to toxicity. CED requires optimization of the catheter design, injection protocol, and properties of the infusate. With this protocol we describe how to perform CED of a solution containing up to 20 µg of an antibody into the caudate putamen of mice. It describes preparation of step catheters, testing them in vitro and performing the CED in mice using a ramping injection program. The protocol can be readily adjusted for other infusion volumes and can be used for injecting various tracers or pharmacologically active or inactive substances, including chemotherapeutics, cytokines, viral particles, and liposomes.