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Purification of Synthetic Peptides Using a Catching Full-length Sequence by Polymerization Approach

Organic Letters. Mar, 2014  |  Pubmed ID: 24527740

During automated solid-phase peptide synthesis, failure sequences were capped with acetic anhydride. After synthesis, a polymerizable methacrylamide tag was attached to the full-length sequences. Peptide purification was then achieved by polymerizing the full-length sequences, washing away impurities, and cleaving the peptide product from the polymer.

Peptide and Peptide Nucleic Acid Syntheses Using a DNA/RNA Synthesizer

Biopolymers. Nov, 2014  |  Pubmed ID: 25298082

The use of an ABI 394 DNA/RNA synthesizer for peptide and peptide nucleic acid (PNA) syntheses is described. No additional physical part or software is needed for the application. A commercially available large DNA synthesis column was used, and only about half of its volume was filled with resin when the resin was fully swollen. With additional space in the top portion of the column, agitation of reaction mixture was achieved by bubbling argon from the bottom without losing solution. Removing solutions from column was achieved by flushing argon from top to bottom. Two peptide and two PNA sequences were synthesized. Good yields were obtained in all the cases. The method is easy to follow by researchers who are familiar with DNA/RNA synthesizer.

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