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6.2: Patient-centered Care

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Patient-centered Care

6.2: Patient-centered Care

Patient-centered care involves delivering care beyond inpatient hospitalization. Reflective practice can enhance a patient-centered approach. Reflective practice is a process of reasoning that considers all aspects of the present situation, including practicalities, learning from personal practice, and consideration of patient needs. Patients appreciate care decisions made while considering their input. Involving the patient in their care provides the patient with a sense of contribution rather than as an outsider. Overall, patient-centered care improves patient independence and increases their involvement in the care plan. The primary benefit of patient-centered care is improving specific patient health outcomes such as providing nursing care in real time. It benefits not only patients but providers and healthcare systems as well. As a result, it boosts the patients' confidence and ability to care for themselves with less input from others.


Patient-centered Care Reflective Practice Patient Involvement Patient Independence Patient Health Outcomes Nursing Care Healthcare Systems

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