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  • Post ImageAugust 10, 2018STEM Librarians Face Gap With Science Audiences, Survey IndicatesWe know the role of academic STEM librarians is constantly changing. As part of this, the role of librarian is expanding beyond just being a curator of books, periodicals and similar content. Many librarians are responding to this shift, becoming more actively engaged in supporting research and scientific reproducibility, and engaging in social media and event outreach, among other tasks (for a few examples, see here, here, and here.) Read More
  • Post ImageAugust 9, 2018JoVE Kicks Off STEM Library Survey SeriesRead More
  • Post ImageJuly 25, 2018Librarians: Play Your Role Enabling Active STEM ClassroomsRead More
  • Post ImageJuly 24, 2018Webinar: Librarians Help Address Scientific Reproducibility CrisisRead More
  • Post ImageJuly 23, 2018Librarian Urges Colleagues To Prioritize MarketingRead More
  • Post ImageJuly 18, 2018Work/Life Balance in Grad School: Been there, tried to do thatRead More
  • Post ImageJuly 16, 2018Librarian Notes: Digital Libraries Are Hurrying Up To WaitRead More
  • Post ImageJuly 13, 2018Case Study: Video Reduces Research Lab’s Time To Learn Fly ProtocolsRead More
  • Post ImageJuly 12, 2018Textbook Era Ending With Rise Of Video Courseware — Here’s WhyRead More
  • Post ImageJune 27, 2018Understanding The Grad Student’s Ph.D. QuestRead More
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