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  • Post ImageJuly 18, 2018Work/Life Balance in Grad School: Been there, tried to do thatYoung students are often taught the importance of balancing academic achievements and other aspects of life such as socializing, hobbies, and athletics. Achieving such balance becomes increasingly difficult as one progresses into college and eventually to graduate school. While spending time on coursework and lab work in graduate school is necessary for achieving success during a Ph.D.; so is finding time for activities outside the lab. The immense amount of creativity needed to excel in science is often only possible within the framework of a balanced lifestyle.Read More
  • Post ImageJuly 16, 2018Librarian Notes: Digital Libraries Are Hurrying Up To WaitRead More
  • Post ImageJuly 13, 2018Case Study: Video Reduces Research Lab’s Time To Learn Fly ProtocolsRead More
  • Post ImageJuly 12, 2018Textbook Era Ending With Rise Of Video Courseware — Here’s WhyRead More
  • Post ImageJune 27, 2018Understanding The Grad Student’s Ph.D. QuestRead More
  • Post ImageJune 25, 2018When A STEM Librarian Cuts Loose On YouTube: Information OutreachRead More
  • Post ImageJune 15, 2018Advanced Technology on Clean Energies – Solar CellsRead More
  • Post ImageJune 11, 2018UCLA Lab Saves Thousands Of Dollars And Hours Via Animal Research Training VideosRead More
  • Post ImageJune 4, 2018Looking back on the first 200 JoVE Articles from ChinaRead More
  • Post ImageMay 29, 2018Biomedical Librarians: Be Embedded, Be Visible, Be Relevant!Read More
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