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  • Post ImageMarch 14, 2018Brandeis MakerLab Draws STEM Students Into LibraryTo reinvent the traditional academic library’s role, staff members at Brandeis University are building new collaborative spaces. For the last three years, the Brandeis University library has steadily nurtured this innovation program — called the MakerLab — to give students and faculty a valuable set of services and learning opportunities. Read More
  • Post ImageMarch 12, 2018Improving Field Monitoring with VideoRead More
  • Post ImageMarch 6, 2018Use of Nanotechnology in Cancer TherapyRead More
  • Post ImageFebruary 23, 2018Recent efficacy study shows JoVE videos can immediately enhance STEM curriculum – significantly improving student performance and confidenceRead More
  • Post ImageFebruary 21, 2018Bioengineering Educational Videos to Bridge Students to the Real WorldRead More
  • Post ImageFebruary 20, 2018Engineering Metals on Nanoscale for Nanophotonics and PlasmonicsRead More
  • Post ImageFebruary 1, 2018Lessons from the most-viewed and most-cited video articles of all timeRead More
  • Post ImageJanuary 19, 2018Learning Engineering from NatureRead More
  • Post ImageJanuary 16, 2018Is your 50-min lecture enough to support the maker-dreams of tomorrow’s engineers?Read More
  • Post ImageDecember 4, 2017Fast-paced, fine tuning chromatin immunoprecipitation technologyRead More
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