JoVE Science Education Clinical Skills Essentials of Physical Examinations II

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Essentials of Physical Examinations II

JoVE Clinical Skills becomes more specialized in the second edition of the series. First, we provide methodology for performing the HEENT exams. We then proceed to demonstrate a series of abdominal exams, including the assessment of acute abdominal pain. Finally, the collection delves into some sensitive procedures such as the male rectal exam, comprehensive breast assessment and evaluation of female pelvic structures.

Eye Exam

Ophthalmoscopic Exam

Ear Exam

Nose, Sinuses, Oral Cavity and Pharynx Exam

Thyroid Exam

Lymph Node Exam

Abdominal Exam I

Abdominal Exam II

Abdominal Exam III

Abdominal Exam IV

Male Rectal Exam

Breast Exam

Pelvic Exam I

Pelvic Exam II

Pelvic Exam III

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