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Cochlear Surface Preparation in the Adult Mouse

Cochlear Surface Preparation in the Adult Mouse

Article DOI: 10.3791/60299-v 09:51 min November 6th, 2019
November 6th, 2019



This article presents a modified cochlear surface preparation method that requires decalcification and use of a cell and tissue adhesive to adhere the pieces of cochlear epithelia to 10 mm round cover slips for immunohistochemistry in adult mouse cochleae.



Cochlear Surface Preparation Immunohistochemistry Confocal Imaging Cochlear Microdissection Cochlear Epithelium Coverslips Immunolabeling Tissue Loss Cochlear Pathologies Hair Cell Regeneration Microscope Skills Qiaojun Fang Temporal Bone Extraction Skull Bone Brain Tissue Removal Petri Dish 4%PFA PBS Oval Window Round Window Membrane
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